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August 30, 2011
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As she stepped into the high school, her heart fluttered and she clutched her elaborate broach nervously. People stopped and stared at her, most likely because of her large deep red eyes and cotton candy colored hair, done elaborately into two rabbit ear like buns on the top of her hair along with her flowing pigtails. Flustered, she grabbed onto her friend's arm.

"I know it'd be different, but I didn't think everyone would stare!" she whispered. "This is nothing like Japan!"
"Just ignore them Chibiusa, and try not to draw attention to yourself, they'll get over it."
Alice said. "Besides, you look fine, aren't you glad I made you not wear your old uniform?"

"Oh yes! It's just weird, because I always wore my uniform back home all the time! So did my mom when I traveled back to the past."

"Shh! I know that it was no big deal for you to travel between the future and this time, and transform and fight evil all the time back home, but this is America! People get scared if they see a chip resembling a person!"

Chibiusa giggled and then started as the bell rang. Both girls hurried to their first class, Drawing.
They took their seats as Chibiusa looked around excitedly.
"Oh I can't wait to start drawing! I've been practicing my manga skills!"
"Oh Chibiusa…"
"What is it?"
"They don't teach manga drawing here, or at least not in this class!"
"What? Why? At home that's all we did in drawing class!"
"Again, in America, manga and anime aren't even half as popular as they are in Japan! Or at least, not as well known."
"Aww that sucks."
Chibiusa slid down in her seat and pouted, not even noticing how the others were staring at her till one girl leaned over.
"Hey, do you dye your hair? I mean, it's pink! And so long!" the girl giggled.
"What? Of course not! This is my natural color! And my mother has much, much longer hair then I do, and so do my friends, Rei and Mina!" Chibiusa replied.
"Oh, sure!" The girl turned away, assuming Chibiusa was lying. Alice was the one to blush this time and turned to Chibiusa.
"Chibiusa, don't go telling people that! They will assume you're crazy!"
"But-" Chibiusa was suddenly interrupted by the fire alarm, which started shrieking obnoxiously.
"Oh my god!" Chibiusa gasped. "It must be enemies, following me from the future!" She climbed on top of the desk, oblivious to the many students who were crowding out the door and into the hallway.
"I have to transform and protect this school, especially since Mama isn't here! Moon Prism Power!"
"Chibiusa, no! It's just a fire drill!"  Alice cried. But it was too late. Chibiusa had already transformed into her alias, Super Sailor Chibi Moon, a sailor solider of love and justice. Her outfit had completely morphed into a sailor suit top and skirt of pink, gold and white. A glittering diadem lay across her forehead with a moon, and pink knee-high boots covered her feet. The few students left in the room gaped at the small pink haired girl on top of the desk.
"How did she change clothes?" a girl gasped.
"Did you see that light?" a boy said.
"What's happening?!" another stunned student exclaimed.
"Oh God." Alice sighed.
"Come on out you demon! Show yourself!" Chibiusa shouted as the rest of the students tittered.
"Chibiusa, stop!  It was just an alarm!" Alice yelled as Chibiusa started to pull out her cutie moon rod, ready to attack.
Chibiusa froze.
"Just an alarm? You mean…"  She said quietly, sweeping her eyes over the astounded students as the alarm still rang.
"It means there's a fire in the building, but it's just a drill." Alice replied. "We need to head outside." She said nervously.
"Oh." Chibiusa said, flushing bright red. She let Alice pull her out of the classroom, past the rest of the students. Once they reached a secluded corner, Chibiusa pulled out her elaborate gold broach with a bright pink crystal and morphed back into her normal clothes. As they both crept outside the double doors, trying not to be noticed, a teacher ran up to them.
"What's this I hear about you two staying behind and pulling stunts with lights and changing clothing?!" she said loudly.  "After the drill is finished, you two head straight to administration and explain yourselves!"
Chibiusa apologized profusely as Alice leaned her head against the outside wall of the school.
"How are we going to get out of this one?" she thought.
*Edit Wow! I never thought this would ever get so many faves/views! That's really sweet of you guys, thank you!! A few people have asked, so I'll tell you: I got an 100 on my assignment, and my teacher had no idea who Chibiusa was, but thought it was cute. She didn't say or write anything on my paper other than suggestions to make it better! But thank you all!

Oh i'm so embarrassed! Don't consider this a fanfiction at all, this is actually an assignment for my creative writing class! the prompt said how would any fictional character you choose react to today's society, and of course I picked chibiusa, and this is what i came up with... I thought i'd submit because it is chibiusa, but i didnt do anything really about her personality, and it's not written very well... my other fan fics, (which i may post later) aren't really anything like this... plus I had to simplify it a lot for the teacher, since theres a big chance she will have NO idea who chibiusa is! anyways, preview picture isnt mine, just the writing! Comment please ^^
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- "No, that was the burglar alarm!!"
- "The Burglar Alarm?! Are there Burglars?"
- "No, what is the matter with you all, it's perfectly simple...we have the Fire Drill when I ring the Fire Bell, that wasn't the Fire Bell, right?"
- "Well, how are we supposed to know that wasn't the Fire Bell?"
- "Because it doesn't sound like the Fire Bell! The Fire Bell, it's...well, it'''s a semitone higher!"
- "A semitone?"
- "At least! Anyway the Fire Drill doesn't start 'til twelve o'clock!!"
- "It is twelve o'clock!"

(Quotes from 'Fawlty Towers' (1979) starring John Cleese)
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